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Reusing Chaos Drives and/or Animals

The only game this does not work on is Sonic Adventure. If you're going to do this on SA2 or SA2B, it is recommended that you use animals due to the fact that they are just simply easier to handle. Alright, for this glitch, you're going to want your chao to stand still. Give them a fruit to stall them while you get an animal to reuse. Or if the chao you wish to raise is sleeping, pet them to wake them up while you go to grab a animal. Your chao will sit there for a while then go back to sleep. When you have your animal, slowly walk over to your until you see that the shadow of your character's hands are a few inches away from your chao. Then just simply put the animal down, and watch your chao.... cuddle it I guess? Pick up after you see your chao use it, since you only have a few seconds before the animal going flying. As for chaos drives, they go fying immediately, and a lot higher and further than animals.

Eating Air

Yes, your chao will eat air. Just wait until you see a hungry chao walking over to the fruit. Right when it's about to grab it, pick the fruit up. Your chao will grab nothing and eat it! they will just keep eating until they're not hungry anymore, and this unfortunately will not a raise a chao's stamina. Because you see chao throw their fruit when they are no longer hungry, when you set the fruit down after the chao finished, the fruit will be thrown backwards by nothing. Another thing: If you set the fruit down while your chao is still eating, it will immediately fly over to the chao no matter where you are in the garden.

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