Chaos Garden

While I would love to have more room for my chao on a memory card, this rumor unfortunately is false. (I have a crap load of chaos chao and have not unlocked the so-called "Chaos Garden".)

The Duck in Tiny Chao Garden

Rumor has it that if you buy the duck from the store and put it in the pond, your chao will ride it. Is this true? No, it is simply just a decoration.

Chaos Chao

There's a few rumors for this:

  • Depending on what alignment chao you want, you must feed it five of those fruits. (Hero fruit for hero chao, chao fruit for neutral chao, dark fruit for dark chao)
  • You cannot give your chao more than one of each animal and you cannot give it any chaos drives.
  • If your chaos chao's happiness stat gets too low, it will die.

These are completely false. Even though there's no certain amount of chaos drives or animals to give your chao, it is recommended that you only give your chao one of each animal so its stats are even.

Always remember that chaos chao are immortal, and will always be. You can throw them around and starve them as much as you want and they will not die.Some people might also say that you can't feed your chao a bunch of fruit to evolve it faster because it will mess with your chao's stats. Fortunately, this rumor's false.

Obtaining a Silver Chao Without Tiny Chao Garden

A while ago someone made a video of their lime green and shiny normal chao mating, with the result being a silver chao. So, is it true that lime green + shiny normal = silver? No, at least one of the chao would have to be a hybrid. It is most likely that the "shiny normal chao" in the video is actually a shiny jewel normal.