This strange glitch only happens on the Dreamcast when you transfer a chao egg from SA to SA2. Here's some trivia about them:

  • For some reason, when you pet them with a hero character, one of its eyes will slowly move upward. Nobody knows why this only happens to baby hero chao. If you jump up really high, you may even be able to get a glimpse of where it's eye went.
  • If you make your explosion chao a baby dark chao, you will see one of its eyes move foward. You may have to wait for the chao to age a bit before this happens.
  • Your chao will become normal again once it forms a cocoon and evolves into an adult.
  • If you give a recently born explosion chao two chaos drives, most of them will be back to normal. (For whatever reason, it will not work on older ones.) However, their wings will be messed up and parts of them will be invisible. The most common one is when they have an invisible head. This will be fixed though when you exit and reenter the garden.
  • For some unknown reason, when you let a baby hero explosion chao age, it will turn a pitch black color, which is darker than the color of a baby dark chao.
  • The longer you let it age, the bigger and worse the explosion part of it gets.
  • Neutral chao tend to have bigger explosions that hero or dark, especially when they first hatch. Exiting and reentering the garden will fix this though.