Chao love to be pet. It is important to do this because not only will your chao form a bond with that character, but its happiness will raise (increases by 1 every time you pet it). Happiness is a hidden stat in chao, which can range from -100 to 100. Be sure not to abuse your chao. It is very easy to change your chao's happiness. Also, it is shown that not giving your chao the fruit in your hands when it runs up to you may also play a role in this. See SA2 Chao Life Cycle to get a better understanding of a chao's life.


There are 5 main chao stats, which you can see on your VMU whenever you transport a chao. The stamina stat is raised by feeding your chao fruit. The others are raised with animals. Each stat can be raised up to 999 points. From top to bottom, they are Swim, Fly, Run, Power, and Stamina. Here is how you raise certain stats:


  • Give your chao seals, penguins, or otters.


  • Give your chao peacocks, condors, or parrots.


  • Give your chao rabbits, cheetahs , or warthogs.


  • Give your chao tigers, bears, or gorillas.

See SA2 Animals for more information.

Hidden Stats

Besides happiness, other hidden stats exist. Luck and intelligence, which both play a huge role in chao races. Luck determines how often your chao tends to trip in races, and intelligence will help your chao in a certain part of the course in jewel races. They're not necessarily hidden like they are on Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, since you can view these stats on your VMU after transporting a chao. These stats can both be raised 2 points by giving it animals and intelligence can also be raised with smart fruit.

Chao Kindergarten

You can access it through the entrance on the opposite side of the lobby from the Chao Garden. It includes three different doors.

  • Classroom: You can drop your chao off here to learn new skills which include instruments, drawing, dancing, exercising, and singing. Some subjects require more than one class for it to be mastered. Remember, once you drop your chao off, you cannot pick it up until the lesson is finished.
  • Health Center: Bring your chao here to see which stats your chao are best at or to cure it if it's sick. Being sick is usually rare with chao, but listen for the occasional groan. This is no animal noise, it's one of your chao. Take it to the doctor immediately.
  • Principal's Room: He'll tell you all the basics for raising chao.


Since there is no Black Market in this game, all items have to be obtained in the VMU game Chao Adventure 2. See SA2 VMU Game for more details.